Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

What is Jackpot Partners?
Jackpot Partners is an affiliate commission program. Once you sign up, your application will be reviewed and once it is approved, up you will be granted complete access to a state of the art platform with real time reports and many marketing tools that will help you promote our brands online and earn huge lifetime commissions.
How do I sign up?
In order to register to the affiliate program, you need to click on the Sign-Up link located on the Jackpot Partners website and fill in the registration form. Once completed, our team will review your application and if successful, your account will be approved, and you will be contacted by one of our affiliate managers to discuss your specific affiliate needs and guide you through your affiliate journey with Jackpot Partners.
Will it cost me anything to join?
No, your registration to the Affiliate Program is absolutely free. Jackpot Partners does its best to offer you the most convenient way of making profits from day one.
How do I get started?
Making money and enjoying profits has never been easier! To get started, you will need to log in to your newly approved affiliate account, head over to the Marketing section and select the banners or landing page tracking links and start promoting. You can also create different campaigns and/or dynamic parameters to optimize different traffic sources.
What commission models do you offer?
Jackpot Partners offers a tiered revenue share business model to all newly signed up affiliates. We also offer CPA or Hybrid commission models. Contact your affiliate manager to discuss your desired commission model and if you qualify for it.
What is a CPA or Hybrid commission model?
A CPA commission model means ‘Cost per Acquisition’ where we will pay you a fixed amount for every new depositing customer. A Hybrid commission model is a combination of a CPA and revenue share.
What is Revenue Share?
Revenue Share represents a percentage of the Net Gaming Revenue generated by each player referred by you. As Affiliate, you will be rewarded with a certain amount calculated as the Client’s profit, less withdrawals, charge-backs and special offers provided to the Players. The percentage of Revenue Share depends on the number of First-Time Deposits made by players and can reach up to 55%.
How do I link to the brands?
Once your registration process is completed, you will be able to access our Banners section. There, you will find a tracking link generator which can be used to instantly create HTML code. Whenever you have your personal affiliate code, you can attach it straight to your website and track the players that sign up to the casino.
How do you track the traffic that I lead to you?
The affiliate link that you create from Jackpot Partners includes your personal tracking code. Once the player referred by you visits our website, this tracking code will be automatically collected and stored on the customer’s device. This allows us to track every player who registers to the brand after clicking through the link on your website. In addition, you will be able to check the earnings generated by the traffic that you send. Please note that the tracking link also has a special code that allows us to serve banners on your website, so make sure that you do not change it, otherwise it won’t work.
How do I get paid?
Jackpot Partners goes the extra mile to offer you flexible payment options. Currently, all affiliate earnings can be paid out via Bank Wire or to Bitcoin Wallet, provided that the total accumulated amount exceeds $200 dollars.
When do I get paid?
All Affiliate Earnings are calculated by the end of each current month and will be transferred to you in the middle of the month, but no later than the 20th of the next calendar month.
Why do I have negative net earning?
No worries! This sometimes can happen since a player referred by you may both win and lose money. However, please note that Jackpot Partners does not move forward negative balance to the next month.
How much money can I make?
Well, this completely depends on you and the commission plan you have with us. Jackpot Partners offers an initial revenue share of up to 45% and encourages your initiative regarding other commission plans. The more quality traffic you lead, the better your commission deal will get, and, finally, the more potential you have to hit the Affiliate Jackpot.
Who do I contact when I have questions?
We are always glad to help you and ensure that you are satisfied with your jackpot-driven affiliate experience. Feel free to contact our dedicated managers at [email protected] or via Skype.

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